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Pet Doors

Pet doors make your life as a pet owner a lot easier. Allowing your animals to come and go as they need can make them happier and avoid accidents and distress. The most common place to install a pet door is in glass doors, glass panels next to doors and glass panels at low levels around the house. We can give you advice on the best option for your home and pet.

Over the years we have perfected our technique for installing pet doors. We do not use your existing glass. We provide you a brand new pane of toughened glass with the pet door preinstalled. The glass we use is the best quality toughened safety glass. This is the safest and most effective way, ensuring your pet door will last for many years to come. Our experience has shown us that this is the safest way and gives added assurance of the utmost strength for the safety for your pet.

Choosing a pet door

We can give you advice on the best pet door to install to meet your specific needs. We usually recommend a simple Transcat brand pet door is which is clear and slim-line which looks great once installed and suits most styles of home. It can also be secured and locked so that you can still keep your animal inside at the times you wish. It is not the most expensive and it provides great design and functionality at a reasonable cost.

We are experienced in installing pet doors with microchips. Customers most commonly use this kind if they are concerned about other animals getting into their house. We can discuss your particular needs and find the best solution for you and your pet. We can install any pet door that you may have already purchased. Places like Bunnings, Animates and Mitre 10 have different ranges of pet doors that range from $25 – $300.

Cat doors

Cat doors are the most common pet door to install and are a must for cat owners. We are experts in installing cat doors and will supply and fit cat doors which are preinstalled in our toughened safety glass panels. These can be installed into glass doors, windows or any other panel of glass around the house. It’s important to pick an area that will be easily accessed by your cat.

Dog Doors

Dog doors are less common, as many breeds are too large to fit through the standard pet doors. For small to medium dogs there are usually options on the market that will suit. It’s important to choose the right size door and also choose a glass pane in your house that gives suitable clearance around the dog door to ensure it remains strong. As we use toughened glass with the preinstalled dog door this is much stronger and safer.

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