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Mirror Installation

Mirrors can add style and functionality to many spaces in your home. They can offer a great choice when remodeling, renovating, or adding finishing touches to your home interior design.

Large mirrors can reflect light from opposite windows making rooms appear larger and giving the illusion of space. They can also reflect light making dimly light spaces brighter. Bathrooms are one of the most common places to install mirrors and we are able to custom cut a mirror to fit perfectly in the space above vanities to give a modern look – with no need for a framed mirror hung on the wall.

We can use a variety of methods to fix mirrors, including:
– Screw or clips – using chrome/satin/polished fittings.
– Glued directly to the wall – this allows a clean look with no visible screws or fixings
– Off-set – with the mirror set slightly away from the wall using standoff fittings that can be set to the desired off-set.

We have installed many different styles and designs of mirrors so can offer you the latest up to date advice on what style will suit your home. We also offer a mirror replacement service to replace and repair mirrors in your existing spaces.

Furniture glass and table top glass

The benefits of choosing glass is that is protects your furniture whilst allowing you to still see the furniture. This is a great choice for timber dressers and tables as the beautiful timber can shine and you can feel confident it will stay in great condition.

Glass tops offer a durable and elegant solution – both functional and a nice design feature. If you have expensive timber furniture, adding a sophisticated glass top can give you piece of mind that it will be protected. We can give you advice on a variety of edge work that suits your style – from beveled edges to different angles and shapes.

We can also replace or upgrade glass panels in other furniture pieces, like cabinets, display units, and even replace or build fish tanks.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is recommended for extra safety and is most critical for large glass panes such as doors and living areas, high use areas, and wet areas with a risk of slipping.

The main types of safety glass are:
– Laminate Glass – which is glass bonded to a laminate sheet, keeping it in place and intact if it ever breaks.
– Toughened Glass – which is heat treated glass that it is tempered and a lot harder to break than laminate/annealed glass.

Both types come in a range of colours and patterns so can be applied in almost any situation. We are experienced and can give you advice to help you decide the best glass solution for your needs.

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