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Glass Repair and Glass Replacement

Unlike vehicle windscreen chips, which can sometimes be repaired by applying a resin in the existing glass, building glass cannot be repaired in this way. Building glass, both domestic and residential, needs to be replaced with new glass. The most common reasons for replacing glass are:

  • Broken Glass or Scratched Glass – cracks, holes, lawnmower stone chips or simply due to minor scratches that ruin the glass.
  • Upgrade Window Glass – to a more high specification product, like safety glass.
  • Change of Glass Style – update the design of your home by changing to a modern glass style.

Customers are looking for glaziers with expertise and quality workmanship – you’ll find this at Glass Inc. We offer a fast and reliable window glass repair service throughout the Manawata and pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

In many cases glass replacement is required quickly because the broken window glass presents a safety or security risk. We offer a 24/7 emergency glass repair service.

Please be careful of any broken glass or shards and do not try to remove any from the frame. We will take away all broken glass and clean up thoroughly once we are done to leave it safe and free from debris.

Glass Insurance Claims

If you have home insurance it’s likely the cost to repair your window can be covered under this. We often complete insurance for common reasons such as lawnmower stone chips, burglary, vandalism, natural disasters or simply kids throwing a ball through a window. We can offer a quick resolution to ensure your property is not unsafe or unsecure.

Insurance policies differ and can have nil excess or an excess to pay, which can often exceed the cost to repair the glass. Give us a call and we can advise on the likely cost so you can make an informed decision.

If it is approved through your insurance provider, we can invoice directly to the insurance company if you provide us with your claim number, making this simple and hassle free.

Replace window putty

Putty around timber windows deteriorates over time leaving your windows exposed to the weather and increasing the chance of rotting window frames. If your window putty has dried up or is missing in places, we can replace it. We remove old dried putty and replace with new window putty creating a better seal and improving the life of your window frame.

We recommend leaving putty to dry for 2-4 weeks before painting over it. This will ensure the window putty has hardened and cured and will leave you with a quality finish. Customers often call us when they are looking to paint their home.

It is always easier to repair and re-putty windows before painting commences so the paint job is not ruined afterwards and your windows are in the best condition possible giving a great surface to paint on. We suggest you book us in a month before you want the painters to start.

Glass cut to size

For customers looking for glass supply only we offer a quick glass cutting service. To ensure the perfect fit we will come to site and measure. For standard clear annealed glass we can cut the glass right there and then on site. For specialty or safety glass please allow two working days for this to be processed.

Glass can also be collected from our workshop, just give us a call to arrange a time.

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