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Ranch Slider

Ranch sliders, often called sliding doors, are extremely common as they offer easy access to outdoor areas. This means they can be high use doors and therefore can be prone to breakages and damage. We are very experienced at ranch slider repairs and have repaired all types of sliding door on the market.

Safety Glass for Ranch Sliders

For your families’ safety the glass in ranch sliders and large sliding doors should always be laminated or toughened glass. As many customers are sadly aware, a closed ranch slider can often be mistaken for a clear space resulting in people walking into the glass. This can have awful consequences if the glass is standard annealed glass as it shatters and splinters.

We recommend ensuring any glass that is currently not safety glass is replaced, especially if you have young children. In the meantime, we recommend placing a brightly coloured sticker over the glass at eye level which can help avoid accidents.

Security Doors

If you need this secured urgently we offer weekend emergency glass repairs, and can secure this for you. Ranch sliders are often a main entrance into houses so need to be fixed promptly.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are a very common choice in a range of homes. Although common there are various styles on the market by different manufacturers, you are best to choose an experienced glazier who is able to work with any kind of aluminum door. By choosing Glass Inc you can rest assured that our team of experienced glaziers will give you a high quality finish and exceptional customer service.

The glass in aluminum doors are held in by window rubber that is wedged in between the glass and the aluminum frame. To ensure the perfect fit we can also replace the rubber around the glass panes if they have degraded, or if the glass size we replace is thicker.

Timber Doors

Timber doors are also common in New Zealand homes and come in a range of styles with different configurations of sectional doors, with separate glass panes in between the timber.

Glass panes in timber doors are held in by a timber beading that sits on top of the glass and is nailed in with very thin nails, or with glazing staples secured with fresh glazing putty.

It can therefore take longer than aluminum frames to be repaired and replaced magnetic door screen

Customers should allow the putty to cure which takes around 2- 4 weeks and it should then be painted to ensure it is protected and will last for many years.

Unpainted putty will degrade quicker and this results it in chipping away.

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